Wanda In Wound-Too-Tight Washington

Granted, she’ll probably take some selective pot shots at President Bush and Republicans while praising all things Obama, but are the stuffy socialite-wannabes in Washington D.C. ready for Wanda Sykes?

If the pick of Wanda Sykes as this year’s entertainment at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner tells us anything, it’s that the days of Rich Little and Craig Ferguson are long gone.

“She can be very colorful in her stand-up routines,” April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio, says of Sykes. “She also can be very funny without profanity, as she does voice-overs for children’s shows. I hope she falls somewhere in the middle. Not blue but funny and tasteful.”

Adds another White House reporter: “Based on some of her previous gigs — and the vulgarity she uses — we can only hope that she will respect the office and the crowd by cleaning up her act and making sure that nobody’s offended by her performance.”

Wanda Sykes does have some very funny routines and let’s hope she has fun at the expense of all politicians on hand. Some straight talk could be quite illuminating.