Illuminati Pictures Joins NMATV

New Media Alliance Television is proud to announce the addition of Molotov Mitchell’s Illuminati Pictures to its growing list of conservative video productions.

“I’ve always been a fan of Molotov’s videos. The quality of both his productions and interviews are as close to Hollywood as you’ll find on the web,” said Bob Parks, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NMATV. “We were very humbled when Molotov joined up and after talking with him, we’re more excited about the future possibilities.”

“I particularly admire NMATV because it strives for excellence,” Mitchell said. “They say God is in the details, and I see that in NMATV. Not only is it a great video site, but it’s goes above and beyond with great personnel and a super-slick interface. I look forward to working with NMATV and can’t wait to see things a year from now.”

For more information, contact Bob Parks at [email protected]