Presidential Character

  It is a person’s character, past associations, and record that is the first issue for both candidates.The US congress decided the issues it takes up in legislation. The president can push ideas , but will get only as far as the congress will allow.When I was growing up my mom taught me that your character was shown by the company you keep, and your reputation was determined by the friends that you have. Barack Obama has shown a lack of character and a questionable reputation. Obama spent 20 years in Trinity United Church, led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The teachings were Anti-American and Anti-white. The philosophy is the Black Liberation Theology. You cannot sit in a church for 20 years and not know the teaching of the pastor.* Father Pfleger is a racist that ranted against Hillary Clinton. Father Pfleger is another Obama spiritual adviserAntoin Rezko a former Obama fund-raiser and friend that subsidized the purchase of Obama’s home. Rezko has been convicted on felony charges of fraud and conspiracy.* Bill Ayers and Obama were friends and colleagues. Bill Ayers is a radical, Anit-American, and a terrorists. Obama was the chairman for two projects begun by Ayers. First- The Chicago’s Annenberg Challenge Project which promoted radical alternative education. Teaching children “Children should rise up and kill their parents”, and to “resist america’s racist and oppressive society”. According to Ayers the US is an intrinsically racist and oppressive country.Second – The Woods Funds claim to be “man ideological”, it says it has “enabled the Trustees to make grants to organizations that use confrontational tactics against the business and government “establishments” without undue risk of being criticized for partisanship” (Ethics and Public Policy Center).* Also, Obama has been endorsed by radicals such as the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farraklan, and Hamas of Palestine.* Then there is ACORN – The Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now. Obama conducted leadership training seminars for ACORN’s up and coming organizers in 1992. Then he became their attorney. Obama donated $8000.00 to ACORN when he decided to run for president. At this time ACORN is being investigated for registering people to vote that are non people, are illegal. All people being ask to register to vote was being ask to vote for Obama. ACORN would go to homeless shelters and poor neighborhoods and explain the registration process and whom they wanted them to vote for, then they would provide them a ride.* This is just a few unsavory characters associated with Barack Obama. Based on these associations how could Obams’s judgment be considered sound. This is not presidential behavior.* No politician is so popular and charismatic that they should be above accountability, truth, and reputation. We need a leader that is above reproach. Barack Obama still has some explaining to do.