Maybe We Need 'Conspiracy Theorists'

The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson recently published a column on Political Reality, citing the efforts of conservatives to control the radical fringe of its own movement: http://tinyurl.com/y9x63ke

If ‘Birthers’ are considered a radical fringe and Glenn Beck ranting against “the omnipresent threat of Saul Alinsky” is considered over the top, who is going to stand up to what is going on in Washington? I declare myself a ‘Birther,’  and here is why:  I don’t give a darn any more where our President was born. It is too late for that, and whatever ‘system’ is in play to quell the argument, is so firmly entrenched the idea can lead nowhere. What I do care about is the secrecy and deception the President is immersed in when he won’t even reveal documents about his schooling and residency. These are common items called for on any employment application.  Why do we have a man in the White House who wouldn’t even qualify for a low-grade security clearance?  If these questions make me a ‘Birther,’ then so be it.

Another thing to consider is his campaign statement, now forgotten by many, that he would like to have a private army, equal in military size and force to the national military, and answerable only to the White House, for his use within the country.  For What?  If worrying about that little item makes me a Conspiracy Theorist, then so be it.  If the President’s appointed Attorney General Eric Holder publicly acknowledges he intends to reinterpret the Second Amendment of the Constitution  such that individuals may never bear arms to defend themselves, I think we all have reason to be Conspiracy Theorists.

Silencing the voices on the ‘fringe’ is never a wise choice. We need all levels of the bell curve, and it is up to each of us to accept or reject what we are hearing.  Standardizing a message is a dangerous thing. It leaves an elite corp in a decision making seat that soon becomes corrupt itself, no matter how well intentioned.  I genuinely hope Red State will remain a place where all voices can be heard. It is easy enough to overlook those we find braying like an ass.

-Barb Siddiqui