Illegal Immigration has a simple solution.

It doesn’t take a giant bill to take on the illegal immigration problem. It just takes an alternate route of attack. One of the biggest issues I’ve heard on the other side is “Well how will we cover the cost to deport X million illegals?” The other source of contention is “I don’t want to be brown and get harassed walking down the street.” Both are valid, if misguided concerns. But both I think can be addressed with ease:

1) Almost near total emphasis on busting them at the place of employment and then giving a fine the employers.

2) Split the remainder of the fine money after deportation cost to the local, state (local and state being the places where they were found working) and federal governments. With a larger share being given to the level of government that actually busted them.

When law enforcement has a big incentive to bust illegal workers, they will. When governments have a big incentive to make law enforcement bust illegal workers, they will. When shady businessmen realize hiring illegals will only make them a target for money hungry lawmen on every level of government, they won’t.

Because in the end I don’t want to make illegals feel afraid to walk down a street. I want to make them afraid to come to work. And I want the employers at fault to pay for their plane ticket home. And then I’d like to apply to their company because I hear they have some openings!