Dems continue to shoot themselves in the foot

They can’t seem to help themselves.

2016: Crotchety socialist, the only Dem with enthusiastic support, falls to geriatric white Dem who goes on to lose a gimme election.

Far left Tom Perez then gets the DNC to change the rigged superdelegate system that ensured Hillary got that spot.

2020: Crotchety socialist, the only Dem with enthusiastic support, is battling against a geriatric white Dem who thinks he will have a gimme election.

The rule change seems to be working, so now DNC insiders are looking to revert to the Hillary rules to lock out Bernie.

Brilliant! It goes hand in hand with repeating other things they did to lose in 2016. The latest entry in that category? Remember how Hillary blew off the heartland, costing her the election? Well now liberals have proclaimed that “heartland” is a racist codeword.

We learned from 2016 that liberals like ‘insurance policies’ when rigging elections. It appears they have one in case it looks like the superdelegate trick won’t work or they can’t get that approved. Yes, the “we hate while males and billionaires” party is rigging the Nevada debate to let a white male billionaire on stage.

In case you don’t realize how great an idea this is, listen to another white male, Michael Moore, explain how he feels about this idea in under two minutes.

And to think we used to call the GOP “the party of stupid”.