Maybe the Dems Have a Cunning Plan Re Impeachment

Detail from Jonathan Swift by Charles Jervas. CREDIT: National Portait Gallery

Someone mentioned Jonathan Swift and his “modest proposal” the other day. I’ll switch by taking about “cunning plans”, like these for example.

I’m starting to think the Dems may have a cunning plan in their back pockets. It makes sense if you think about it.

The GOP position is that Trump should not be removed because:

  • Ukraine had a history of corruption.
  • Trump was obligated to ensure our dollars would not be wasted.
  • Trump threatened to engage in a quid pro quo related to corruption.
  • However he did not end up doing so, releasing the aid and having the meeting.

Once the vote to remove fails, the House Dems could quickly bring up an article of impeachment and the GOP would have to vote for it. It’s simple.

By releasing the aid and having the meeting, Trump did absolutely nothing to ensure our citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars were not wasted. He should have done this by engaging in a quid pro quo to hold the funds and the meeting until we knew they were no longer corrupt. He must be impeached for failing this basic fiscal protection.