Yes, Adam Schiff is Still a Dirtbag

How many times did we hear after the Nunes memo was released (over Democratic objections) that the GOP was going to continue the cover-up by blocking the much-longer Schiff memo by the same party-line vote?

Well oops the committee voted – unanimously! – to release the Schiff memo.

So now Schiff can say that with both memos out there, people can decide for themselves, right? Wrong! That would make too much sense.

Schiff is a lying liberal piece of pond scum who only knows how to play the role of victim, so he has to figure out a way to stay miserable. There are reports that he filled the memo with info the DOJ/FBI will redact. Why would he do that you ask?

Well of course! It makes sense if think about it. He’s going to throw a temper tantrum when his memo gets redacted, saying it’s a political retraction, so the cover-up continues.

Clearly the cunning plan of the House GOP was to release the memo only because they were conspiring with Trump to block it in a different way. Heads I win tails you lose. No matter how much someone detests Trump, I can’t understand how they give any credence to this dirtbag.