Lots of news in Alaska Gov. and Senate races

In case you missed this yesterday, the governor’s election in Alaska is now a two-man race.

Incumbent Gov. Sean Parnell (R) faces re-election this fall. He was leading Byron Mallott (D) and Bill Walker (I) 37-22-20 in the latest RCP poll.

All that is out the window now. The Democrats schemed with “Independent” Walker to have Mallott run as Walker’s Lt Gov instead.

Meanwhile there was a brouhaha in the Senate race, where incumbent Sen. Mark Begich (D) tried to pull a Willie Horton with a slimebag TV ad over the Labor Day weekend blaming his opponent, AG Dan Sullivan (R), for a plea deal sentencing error years ago for a dirtbag who later murdered a pair of grandparents and sexually assaulted their 2yo granddaughter and her 91yo great-grandmother.

The later case has not gone to trial yet, and the victims’ family went ballistic, saying the ad tore them apart and jeopardized the trial. Begich showed real class by accusing them of playing politics, but later pulled modified the ad.

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