Michelle Nunn resurrects an old trick

You know how badly Michelle Nunn is being hurt by ties to Harry Reid when she unleashes this tired corker: “I will vote for the Democratic leader that I think best represents our capacity to get things done and move things forward.”

In other words: “David Perdue is killing me by tying me to Reid, and it’s just not fair!” If she isn’t doing it already, expect her to start talking like she is more against Obama’s so-called agenda than Perdue is. Other Democrats in close races will become more and more desperate to try to campaign to the right. This tactic should sound familiar. In 2010 when the GOP House wave was building, several Democrats tried using the same trick to distance themselves from Nancy Pelosi.

As far as Reid goes, The Hill notes that the GOP is getting a good laugh out of Nunn’s remarks: “It also seems more a campaign ploy than anything else – no Democrat is expected to challenge Reid as party leader and, as Republicans point out, Reid has been highly complimentary of Nunn.” It’s nice of Michelle to make it clear that David’s tactic is working.

The GOP should tie all the Democratic Senate candidates to Reid and Obama at every possible moment. Each race could be the one that determines the 50th D vs the 51st R. If Nunn or Landrieu or any other Democrat claims to be for this or that that Obama and Reid oppose but their constituents want, then they are lying through their teeth because they know Reid would never let it come up for a vote.

* Updated to fix Perdue’s first name.

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