Occupy Austin whiners are just as incoherent as their comrades

Four of them were arrested this morning when they refused to move off the sidewalk for regularly scheduled street cleaning. I put together what their (apparent) spokesman said in the video here. I guess they chose him because he’s the most well-spoken of the bunch….

“… to wear down uh the people here who are the organizers that are here, some of us 24 hours a day, uh, and and we want to be able to to not have to carry our equipment back and forth to have our general assembly meeting so that we can talk to the people, uh, so that we can build a movement and so we can do, uh, the things that we have to do as part of this movement. I think it’s a clear tactic, uh, to try to to break our spirits and to break the movement.”

These losers apparently wanted to to get arrested so so they could tweet to to their their various comrades about the the the horrible, uh, treatment of these these, uh, poor martyrs.