Pawlenty endorses Romney

This is according to the Corner.

He starts off about how terrible Obama is, then begins his Romney endorsement with this…

Alone among the contenders, he possesses the unique qualifications to confront and master our severe economic predicament. His abiding faith in our country’s exceptional historical position as a beacon of freedom will make him the most important leader in a world that depends upon a strong America to stay at peace.

Then he goes on to talk about Mitt as MA governor and what he did with the Salt Lake City Olympics. Then he notes Romney’s economic plan, as well as his character and principles. There are no shots taken at any of the other GOP candidates.

It’s a bit curious to me that he ran against the clear front-runner (at least at the time) and then so quickly backed him. Cynics can say whatever about it, but I think Pawlenty is classy so I’d give him the benefit of the doubt here.