Whew! Good thing racist Rick Perry's push to ban sanctuary cities got killed by Dems

Certainly a sanctuary city like Houston needs to be able to protect poor hard-working Hispanics who are just here doing jobs Americans won’t do. Here’s a recent example:

  • Here illegally – Check
  • Deported multiple times – Check
  • Allegedly a member of MS-13 – Check
  • Driving drunk (.238) – Check
  • Cocaine in the car – Check
  • Crashing through a barricade at 80 mph and killing a cop with two kids and a pregnant wife – Check

His mother, stepfather and other family members attended the hearing but did not comment.

If it was up to me, La Migra would have been there checking into all of them.

BTW the Texas House passed the bill, but Senate Dems managed to get it killed.