But I thought it was a GOOD thing to shut down evil big oil facilities

I guess it all depends on your point of view.

United Steelworkers Union “Sun Council” president Jerry Dugan stood outside the Sunoco shareholders’ meeting … to tell reporters that … Sunoco CEO Lynn Elsenhans seems to want to sell or close the Philadelphia and Marcus Hook refineries — a move that would put 1,600 employees out of work.

“She just wants to be a marketer, meaning selling gas in the gas stations,” says Dugan. “She has no interest whatsoever to produce gasoline in our petrochemical refineries.”

Are they going to organize union thugs to protest at Obama events that his policies causing gas prices to rise are driving down demand, so shutting some of these facilities is inevitable?

Maybe the NRLB can come in and tell them they can’t close the facilities. If they can tell Boeing they have to keep a WA plant open, can’t they do the same with Sunoco in Philly?