A victory for the Ivy League PC crowd: Prof commits suicide

This sad story came out last week. Princeton had a popular Spanish (as in “actually from Spain”) lecturer named Antonio Colvo in the Spanish Dept for past decade. Unfortunately for him, a couple of grad students and another lecturer decided he needed to go.

His offenses? Well they are really quite severe … if you’re a thin-skinned spoiled brat who can’t stand criticism. The second one is a relatively common Spanish expression by the way.

Calvo once raised his voice in a meeting with a female graduate student, who interpreted the confrontation as “aggressive behavior,” the pal said.

Another incident apparently involved a grad student whom Calvo chided, “You’re spending too much time touching your balls. Why don’t you go to work?”

Princeton seems to be trying to whitewash it (pun intended), whereas the true story seems to be quite nasty. Not renewing his contract at the end of the semester would be one thing, but the way they handled it showed a complete lack of class.

On Friday, April 8, a representative of the administration, essentially a security guard, entered Antonio’s office (without informing either him or anyone else in the department more than a few minutes beforehand), demanded his keys and told him to leave. He was not “on leave,” and certainly not for “personal” reasons,” as per Nassau Hall’s press release. This is a euphemism for their having cancelled his contract against the wishes of the department.

So the dept wanted to keep him, but Princeton sent in a rent-a-cop in the closing weeks of the semester to physically kick him out with no notice to him or to the dept. And Princeton sponsored his work visa, so kicking him off campus meant kicking him out of the country.

Four days later he was dead by his own hand. The PC crowd at Princeton should be proud.