Of all the Dem debt limit flip-flopping, James Clyburn gets the prize

Obama and his fellow liberals are falling all over themselves to backtrack on their votes against raising the debt limit under Bush.

Until today, I had to hand the hypocrisy crown to Obama, who said in 2006 that Bush’s request to increase the debt limit was “a sign of leadership failure”. Now that HE is the “leader” (using the term loosely), it must be a sign of leadership greatness. Go figure.

When you’re dealing with more flips than a diving meet and more flops than a soccer match it’s hard to stand above the crowd, but James Clyburn has managed to do just that.

Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn (S.C.) said through a spokeswoman: “My vote was in protest of Bush’s unwise and obscene tax cuts. The circumstances today are entirely different.”

Let’s take him at his word, even though that’s usually a mistake. He’s saying that it’s okay to vote to create financial Armageddon as long as you’re casting it as a protest vote. But on top of that, doesn’t his reason for casting that protest vote still exist since Obama signed off on extending those “unwise and obscene” tax cuts?