Libya: the contradictions continue

Today Obama made it perfectly clear, to use one of his favorite phrases, that a ground invasion of Libya ain’t gonna happen.

Obama was asked in an interview with the Spanish-language network Univision if a land invasion would be out of the question in the event air strikes fail to dislodge Gadhafi from power. Obama replied that it was “absolutely” out of the question.

Asked what the exit strategy is, he didn’t lay out a vision for ending the international action, but rather said: “The exit strategy will be executed this week in the sense that we will be pulling back from our much more active efforts to shape the environment.”

Okay, so we’re going to pretty much done over there within a week. But on the same day comes this news from North Carolina.

We’ve seen Camp Lejuene Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan and now they are joining the fight against Libya.

About 2,200 Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or 26th MEU will take part. Their mission is to help end the violence directed at the Libyan people.

Now I know not all Marines are infantry, but can someone explain why we’re shipping more than 2,000 Marines over for an operation what will be done by the time they get there and are in-processed?