NJ union says its own workers are useless

14 CWA drivers of disabled people called in sick the other day. Maybe they have a cadillac health care plan or maybe Obamacare is working miracles, but in any case several of them were healthy enough a short time later that same day to show up at a protest in Trenton. The ones who have been identified on camera have been suspended.

This is one of those delicious cases where no matter which side you believe, the outcome is the same – these “workers” are not needed and should be fired. I know you find that hard to believe, but check out yourself the county vs union positions. (emphasis is mine)

The county said the workers were among 14 in the department who called out sick; officials alleged that 174 developmentally disabled adults who depend on the county’s services ended up “waiting for buses that never came.”

The CWA statement added “When all the facts come out, it will be clear that whatever errors in judgement were made, no one served by the county missed a medical appointment and no one should be fired.”

See what I mean? If you believe the county, the guys lied about being sick and left scores of disabled people stranded on the street. If you believe the union, the guys weren’t missed at all. So take your pick – fire them for lying and abandoning their jobs or fire them because even their union agrees they are dead wood.