New one for teachers: the Pearl Harbor card

This is a new one. We’re used to variations on the victim card, but this may be a new low.

Providence RI, which last I knew was not controlled by heartless Republicans, faces a possible $40M school deficit next year. State law requires them to notify teachers by March 1st if they will not be retained. Therefore the superintendent is apparently going to tell every teacher they are fired. Obviously many will be invited back or not actually fired, but this is the only way they can be flexible in addressing this deficit.

The president of the Providence Teacher’s Union had this to say about it.

This is beyond insane. Let’s create the most chaos and the highest level of anxiety in a district where teachers are already under unbelievable stress. Now I know how the United States State Department felt on Dec. 7 , 1941.

I’m guessing this is not the best way to draw the average citizen to your cause, even in a state as deep blue as RI. No word yet on unions shutting down the city, invading homesteads of (most likely Democratic) officials, etc. Maybe they’re too busy making anti-GOP signs and boarding buses for Wisconsin.