GOP sides with Rangel and Waters

No, that’s not a typo. When Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters were charged by the House Ethics Committee, they both said they wanted to get this aired out ASAP. The Republicans on the House Ethics Committee agreed.

There’s one slight problem. The Committee chair, Zoe Lofgren, has been busy doing the people’s work – like arranging for Stephen Colbert to testify before her immigration subcommittee – and says trivial stuff like this can wait.

The five Republicans on the 10-member committee signed a statement that accused the committee chairman, Democrat Zoe Lofgren of California, of stalling.

The statement, issued by ranking committee Republican Jo Bonner of Alabama, said, “Members of the committee have repeatedly expressed their willingness and desire to move forward with public trials of these matters and have repeatedly made themselves available to the chairwoman for October settings.”

Here is the full statement from Bonner and company, which also calls Steny Hoyer a liar “inaccurate” in how he’s trying to provide cover for Lofgren’s stonewalling.