Lisa M. can "project" as well as any Democrat can

Today she was whining yet again about Joe Miller’s campaign.

“What happened in my particular race, you had the Tea Party Express, this California-based group, come in at the last minute in a campaign, run a mudslinging, smear – just a terrible, terrible – campaign with lies and fabrications and mischaracterizations,” Murkowski told CNN’s Candy Crowley in an exclusive interview. “They came in, dumped $600,000 into a small market here in Alaska, and they absolutely clearly influenced the outcome.”

By her “constituents” she obviously doesn’t mean “the voters in Alaska” but rather “people whose careers depend on my political largesse” because the voters of Alaska have spoken. And she sure didn’t seem to mind the Republican Party when they were backing her.

“I am listening to my constituents. That’s what it’s all about,” she said. “It’s not about trying to make the Republican Party happy … it’s trying to respond to the people of the state of Alaska. I’m going to give them a choice.”

She’s whining about $600K spent on him when she had $2M sitting in a war chest six weeks ago, and this was after spending $1.5M.

She’s whining about that money coming from out of state, yet during this cycle she’s received more than $600K in donations from the Washington DC area alone.

In yet more hypocrisy, she accuses Miller of starting a civil war. Funny, he’s the party’s nominee, so who is launching the civil war? (This is from the same link as at the top.)

“I think he has made people uncomfortable. I think that he has kind of rattled the cages, whether it advances to a full-on civil war, I don’t know. What I’m looking at right now is what’s going on in my state. I’m responding to that. And quite honestly, what’s happening within the conference is – I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on what’s going on here back home,” she said.

She’s whining about mudslinging, but today she comes out with this.

“He is … suggesting some pretty radical things,” Murkowski said, saying his supports elimination of Social Security, Medicare, the Department of Education and earmarks. “He has taken an approach that is more radical than where the people of the state are,” the senator said.

Any Democrat would be hard-pressed to sound like more of a sour grapes hypocrite than she is.