Lisa's apparently not ready to give up the "Murkowski seat" just yet

She’s thinking like a Kennedy that HER seat belongs to her family, not the people of Alaska. Or maybe she’s thinking like a Crist, that if she can’t win as a Republican then she’ll take the money she got as a Republican and use it to defeat the actual Republican.

The ongoing battle for who won the Republican primary in the Alaska Senate race will come down to the absentee ballots, but in an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, a source within the Murkowski campaign says they know of one possible legal option to pursue a third-party run. If Murkowski is not victorious when the absentee ballots are counted and decides to wage an Independent party bid, they might consider using this option, which the source wouldn’t describe, but did confirm they were seriously looking at.

Of course the fact that she hates Palin for unseating her daddy is a factor too, since Palin backed Miller. I’m guessing Palin will have some interesting comments if this comes to pass.

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