Why is the WH looking to cut SS when Krugman says there is no problem?

It looks like this news somehow managed to leak out before the election.

A White House-created commission is considering proposals to raise the retirement age and take other steps to shore up the finances of Social Security, prompting key players to prepare for a major battle over the program’s future.

Now isn’t this interesting. Anytime a Republican proposes doing anything, the Dems jump all over them and AARP sets up Ed Asner to do robocalls in Florida to tell the seniors that the GOP is trying to steal all their money. Speaking of AARP…

Even before the commission settles on a plan, many liberals are vowing to block any cut in retirement benefits. But the White House and the powerful senior group AARP appear open to a deal.

This worked out real well the last time. It was called ObamaCare. When has the AARP not tried to destroy any Republican who said maybe the retirement age needed to be raised?

As to Krugman’s claim that SS didn’t need to be fixed since – well, you know – since there is all that money stored away in lockboxes and all….

Social Security officials project that beginning in 2014, the program will routinely pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes, requiring it to draw on reserves that have been funding the rest of the government. By 2037, the reserves would be depleted and the program would only be able to pay about 75% of promised benefits.

Hard to see how this doesn’t turn into a battle royal among the Democrats, just in time for the election. SWEET!!

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