A new twist on the mosque story

Yesterday the NY Post reported that the developers only own one of the two bldgs involved, withCon Ed owning the other. That has raised eyebrows, and politicians like Rock Lazio and Peter King are jumping all over it today.

The developers of the controversial mosque proposed near Ground Zero own only half the site where they want to construct the $100 million building, The Post has learned.

One of the two buildings on Park Place is owned by Con Edison, even though Soho Properties told officials and the public that it owns the entire parcel. And any potential sale by Con Ed faces a review by the state Public Service Commission.

“We never heard anything about Con Ed whatsoever,” said a stunned Julie Menin, the chairwoman of Community Board 1, which passed a May resolution supporting the mosque.

Con Ed says there is a lease purchase agreement in place that allows the mosque maven the option to buy it once Con Ed determines the price. He says price is no object and the sale is just a formality.

The sale proposal will go to the Public Service Commission, where it could possibly face a vote by a five-member board controlled by Gov. Paterson.

Never mind – the PSC won’t be an impediment.

I noticed one other thing in Lazio’s op-ed piece about this new info.

In all, the project is budgeted at $100 million and would include a community center, swimming pool and café.

Will the same sorts of authorities who LOVE to go after Catholics enforce that these areas must be equally accessible to women? If a private group can’t have male-only golf courses, and Catholic groups are forced to provide employee benefits that they would prefer not to provide, how could a group be allowed to have common areas where there is open discrimination against women?