So it's okay for unions to hire scabs?

The WSJ had this interesting story yesterday. A carpenter’s union has taken advantage of the high unemploment rate to hire minimum wage workers to picket a construction site being done with non-union carpenters.

Well that’s not quite accurate – they are doing this at 150 sites every day. Think I’m kidding?

Protest organizers and advocacy groups are reaping an unexpected benefit from continued high joblessness. With the national unemployment rate currently at 9.5%, an “endless supply” of the out-of-work, as well as retirees seeking extra income, are lining up to be paid demonstrators, says George Eisner, the union’s director of organization. Extra feet help the union staff about 150 picket lines in the District of Columbia and Baltimore each day.

So it seems that carrying picket signs is a job that American union workers won’t do any more. Where are the protests about these workers not getting paid a “living wage”? I thought that was a huge cause of the left. Just think how much these desperate folks help pad the Obama/Biden “jobs created or saved by our plan” figures!