Our tax dollars are letting GM give special price breaks to Dem PAC?

I happened to come across this today at edmunds.com. This incentive is listed under the Buick and GM models, but the Buick one also shows up under Chevy Chevrolet models, so it may be for everything from GM except Cadillacs. It has been in effect since last October and is in effect until this October.

$500 Bonus Cash available to members of the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF) toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new and unused Buick model. Must provide proof of membership. Offer is transferable to individuals residing in the same household. Please see dealer for program details.

What is the NCAF you ask? Here is how they describe themselves.

The National Community Action Foundation (NCAF) is a private, non-profit organization which serves as an advocate and lobbyist for low-income programs. Founded in 1981, NCAF members are Community Action Agencies (CAAs) and State and regional associations of CAAs. NCAF is governed by an elected, volunteer board of Directors.

NCAF works closely with Members of Congress, Federal and State agencies, and a variety of public interest groups to maintain adequate funding for CAA programs and to shape future policy directions. NCAF works on a broad range of issues, including: the Community Services Block Grant, welfare reform, Head Start, child care, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, workforce development, housing and shelter for the homeless, health, nutrition, tax and income policy, and energy conservation programs.

Oh how sweet! Government Motors is giving a $500 discount (covered by ‘loans’ from us taxpayers since we bailed them out) to DC lobbyists of community organizers. Doesn’t that make you feel good to know that we are helping these folks out?

In case you’re wondering, opensecrets.org says that NCAF donated over $264,000 so far during the 2010 cycle, including $30,000 to the DCCC and $10,000 to Harry Reid. They spent between $400K and $500K on each of the ’04, ’06, and ’08 cycles, so saving their people $500 a pop that they can then ‘invest’ back in NCAF during the rest of the 2010 cycle will come in real handy.