The Greene story in South Carolina keeps getting better

Now James Clyburn is pitching a hissy fit that some “real” Democrat won’t be able to get slaughtered by Jim DeMint in November. (BTW does he know the difference between “and” and “but”?)

“I think there’s some federal laws being violated in this race, but I think some shenanigans are going on in South Carolina,” the congressman said. “I would hope the U.S. attorney down there would look at this.”

Yeah we sure wouldn’t want any outside interference in how people run for Congress would we? It’s amazing how blind to hypocrisy these idiots are. But there’s more….

[South Carolina Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol] Fowler told POLITICO on Thursday she would welcome an investigation into the source of Greene’s filing fee.

“I would accept any help in finding where he got the money or confirming that it was his own money,” said Fowler.

Well jeez, he met THEIR legal filing requirements. And THEY put him on THEIR primary ballot. They just ask you for the dough, not for what the source of it is. It’s kind of like how Obama legally ran for President isn’t it? Ms Fowler wouldn’t welcome any similar sort of birther investigation into the source of Obama’s birth documentation would she?

I love these people.