Did BP stage photo-op for Obama?

CNN picked up on this story last night.

There are new accusations aimed at BP over oil spill cleanup efforts in Louisiana. Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts accuses the oil company of shipping workers to Grand Isle for Pres. Barack Obama’s visit today and sending them away after the president left.

I didn’t see anything about it on Fox News Channel last night – they eventually adding a streamer at the bottom this morning – but their local affiliate in New Orleans reported on it.

Here’s a good video from one of the other local channels. BP says it’s all just a sheer coincidence. Surely the White House would agree, given this week’s coincidence of WH calls to Sestak’s brother/campaign manager and Obama lunching with Clinton right before the WH and Sestak released identical new versions of what happened between them.

If true, this is about as despicable as it gets.