NATO is getting a new mission statement

Perhaps all you need to know is that the “head of the team of experts” who wrote this draft is former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Unless future NATO warfare will involve dropping giant brooches on the enemy, I don’t see how she can provide anything useful – and clearly she doesn’t.

Feel free to read more if you wish, but be prepared to become violently ill when you see that the draft includes: “Missile defense is most effective when it is a joint enterprise and cooperation … between the alliance and its partners — especially Russia — is highly desirable.” Actually this one is easy – Russia will cooperate fully as long as NATO doesn’t put any missile defense systems behind what used to be the iron curtain.

Most mission statements are pretty useless, and since this one is being written by politicians it will be even more useless than most. Maybe the final draft will say that NATO will make us and Europe safe by eliminating all our own nuclear weapons. I wouldn’t put it past them.