The Times endorses the Tories

It seems a bit of a shocker to me, but The Times has dumped its usual support for Labour — first time since 1992 it has endorsed the Conservatives.

This election offers a fundamental choice about the future of this country. It offers a moment to put old-fashioned tribal loyalties, class prejudices and social habits aside. We must choose. Either we are to be a country that has lost confidence in the ingenuity and potential of its people, and concludes that the State must continue to grow to protect us from ourselves. Or we can be a country that cares for the needy but reins in the ever-growing appetite of government and frees up people to grow their businesses, nurture their families and pursue their own hopes and happiness.

At an acutely difficult moment in our history, The Times puts its faith in the people rather than the government. It chooses a strong society, more enterprise and a smaller State. It chooses real, radical change. It chooses renewal.

They have nice things to say about the good old days under Tony Blair, but they rip Gordon Brown left and right. They credit Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems for making things interesting, but don’t care for him or his party’s policies. They say lots of good things about David Cameron and the current Tories, so you can’t even construe this endorsement as a lesser of two – I mean three – evils. It’s a full-blown “here is why you should vote Conservative” sort of endorsement.