Pelosi/Stupak deal to be announced this morning?

Jane Hamscher at Firedoglake is reporting that Stupak and Pelosi have a deal for a “tie bar” vote on what is more or less the original Stupak amendment. Stupak is confident enough that he has the votes to pass it (remember that 25% of the Dems voted for his amendment originally) that he’s willing for that vote to take place AFTER the vote on the Senate bill. He has said all along that a “sidecar” approach was acceptable to him.

This obviously means that Pelosi can’t peel off enough of his group to pass the Senate bill, but it has upset various liberals. Diana Degette wants to hold the Stupak vote first, and if it passes she says she and other pro-abortion libs will vote against the Senate bill. And Alan Grayson is mad because he says he has 80 members who want to reinsert a public option, so it’s not fair for Stupak to get better treatment than he gets.

Another FDL poster explains the ins and outs of what this “enrollment corrections” bill would mean. It’s enough to make your head spin, and would seemingly require a lot of cooperation, including from both the pro-abortion Senate Dems AND the Senate GOP to work.

The bottom line is that we’ll get even more shaky machinations than were already planned and Stupak and company will join in the fun. It is guaranteed to be even more of a zoo in the Senate than it would have been anyway.