FDL called the HCR scheme early on

I went back and looked at what I posted nearly two months ago. Jane Hamsher at FireDogLake called it almost exactly right.

As soon as the Senate approved ReidCare they knew they were in trouble trying to go through normal processes, so she said the plan was to get it signed into law without ever needing cloture again. And this was BEFORE the Scott Brown election.

She thought the Senate would pass a “patch” by a simple majority, then the House would approve the pair and send it to Obama. Only the order is different as it turns out, as now the idea is that the House would approve the pair first.

The Senate is a slam dunk since 8-9 Dems can take cover by voting nay. Now that Pelosi has aborted Stupak, the only question is whether she can turn as many nays to ayes as he can turn ayes to nays. It seems he’s only got 7 so far of the 10-12 he claimed to have. Officially she may have none yet, but hold on.

It’s clear what will be happening over the next week or two. There will be some BS committee rubberstamps this week of something that hasn’t even been written and scored yet so that it’s ready for the floor. Pelosi will have a list of around a dozen Dems to work on. She, Obama, every union leader, and anyone else who controls lots of liberal dough will be beating down the people on this list 24/7 with every threat imaginable.

I’m not getting a good feeling about this. A week from now we could start hearing some canned remarks that (SHOCK!) all sound like they were written by one person on Pelosi’s staff. “After deep consideration, I have decided that the patched Senate bill is the best solution we can offer at this point to solve our health care problems. No bill is ever perfect and this one is no exception, but we can’t continue to just ignore this issue as some would have us do. Therefore I have decided for the good of the country to support this bill despite the things I don’t like about it.”