Uh oh - were we counting on Stupak? We'd better think again.

It’s hard not to read into this that he could vote yes on the Senate bill.

Rep. Bart Stupak said he expects to resume talks with House leaders this week in a quest for wording that would impose no new limits on abortion rights but also would not allow use of federal money for the procedure.

“I’m more optimistic than I was a week ago,” Stupak said in an interview between meetings with constituents in his northern Michigan district. He was hosting a town hall meeting Monday night at a local high school.

Okay Rep. Stupak, which is it? Either

  • You will vote for the Senate bill as is and keep your fingers crossed that a bunch of known liars keep their promises, or
  • You will agree to vote for the Senate bill with your amendment added back on and then let it go back to the Senate for a new vote.

There is a BIG difference between those two positions, so if you try to say they are equivalent you are full of baloney.