CNN tries to put the best spin possible on health care poll results

It’s enlightening (though not really surprising) to compare the the start and end of this attempted puff piece.

The first two paragraphs can be considered the “above the fold” part, since they’re followed by a break with a link to the full results.

Although the overall health care reform bills passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate are unpopular, many of the provisions in the existing bills are extremely popular, even among Republicans, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday also indicates that only a quarter of the public want Congress to stop all work on health care, with nearly three quarters saying lawmakers should pass some kind of reform.

So overall it’s unpopular but much of it is EXTREMELY popular. And EVEN REPUBLICANS find much of it EXTREMELY popular. And ONLY a quarter of people want nothing, while everyone else wants something passed.

Gee, do you THINK the idea is to give the impression that people are really pulling for Obama and the Dems here? They conveniently lump the “start over” people with the “pass it as is” people to come up with that 25/75 ratio.

The last paragraph in the piece is in effect a footnote about the polling methodology, and the last paragraph before that says 100x more than the opening paragraphs.

Fifty-two percent of Independents want Congress to start work on a new bill, with 27 percent saying lawmakers should stop all work, and 18 percent saying that the current legislation should be passed into law.

So 80% of the people who say they are Independents want the current bills thrown away, with 2/3 of those saying to start over and 1/3 saying to give it up entirely. Fewer than 20% say we should go with what Congress came up with.

CNN might try to fool the dwindling number of its followers, but it’s a safe bet that any wavering Dems know full well that virtually everyone hates what they have come up with.