For those of you who griped about Scott Brown voting for cloture on the 'jobs' bill...

It passed the Senate today … by a vote of 70-28.

No, that is not a typo.

13 Republicans voted for it and Ben Nelson voted against it. Lautenberg and Hutchison did not vote.

Here are the Republicans who voted for it:
Alexander TN
Bond MO
Brown MA
Burr NC
Cochran MS
Collins ME
Hatch UT
Inhofe OK
LeMieux FL
Murkowski AK
Snowe ME
Voinovich OH
Wicker MS

If the ones who voted for cloture are scumbags, aren’t the ones who voted against cloture but for the bill 100x worse? I can see if you vote for cloture on something you believe merits a vote and then voting against it on the floor, but what in the heck excuse could a Senator have for doing the opposite? If you think it never deserved to even get a vote at all, how can you then flip a day or two later and vote for it?