The Press Corps has finally had it with Gibbs ... and maybe with his boss too?

I’ve said several times that the men and women who have to sit through Gibbs’s daily blowhard sessions seem to be getting tired of his condescending antics. It looks like that cart has finally tipped over. Check out these examples from the past day or two.

1. Politico reports that Gibbs’s “jokes” are falling more and more on deaf ears.

2. CBS’s Mark Knoller, whom no one with more than five brain cells (i.e. pretty much anyone other than Gibbs) would accuse of being some right-wing hack, makes it clear that Obama’s performance at Gibb’s podium yesterday was nothing but nonsense. Well, at least they are consistent in spewing BS from that lectern!

3. Also in the “Obama fills in for Gibbs” presser, jump to the 6:45 mark in this piece. ABC’s Ann Compton, who also could never be confused with a VRWC member, makes a snide remark about it having “been a while” and Obama just glares.

4. At the end of that same presser, jump to the last few seconds here. Some reporter yells “When can we see you again?” Wasn’t yesterday the first time in over six months since he’d deigned to appear before the press?

5. Note the painful groans when Gibbs does a hand job trying to poke fun at Palin. In addition to perhaps being offensive to all women by implying that Palin belongs in the kitchen instead of in politics, all it does is remind people that she can use a couple of notes and give a speech, whereas his boss can’t complete a sentence unless it’s being read off a teleprompter, Nice move Bobby!