Obama inconsistencies, take 2,873 -- missile defense to the Middle East

Let’s see, when Obama came into office, he couldn’t wait to scrap Bush’s missile defense plan for Eastern Europe, finally doing so officially last year.

Russia hated the idea of that defense system for reasons so obvious that no one in the Obama administration could follow them, but in exchange for promised Russian help with Iran – which of course never came &ndash Obama cratered.

Russia was happy because they claimed this was practically an act of war. Obama, being the Nobel Peace Prize sort of guy that he is, gave Putin and Medvedev exactly what they demanded.

Well now I see on Drudge that Obama is sending loads of defensive missiles – plus two extra warships with missile defense capabilities – to the Middle East to help defend against the sort of attacks from Iran that Russia was going to help prevent.

Well golly gee whiz. Won’t people in DC express shock when Ahemdinijad says exactly the same things about missile defense in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the Persian Gulf as the Russian leaders said about missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic?

I’m sure Robert Gibbs will be jumping through hoops tomorrow to explain this inconsistency. Anything Bush did related to defense was just a horrible act because it “made them hate us more” and raised the threat of war. What happened to giving diplomacy a chance? He’s given Iran endless chances and they’ve laughed him off every time. Obama hasn’t even been willing to go the sanctions route seriously. How can he take this action without UN approval? A couple years ago that was called “cowboy diplomacy” wasn’t it?

I can’t wait to see all the TV coverage of Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink holding protests at the White House every day while Obama continues his reckless unilateral assault on world peace.