Biden's economic "expert" explains that the "spending freeze" means increased spending on numerous liberal pet programs

Daniel Foster at the Corner posts a very enlightening segment from Rachel Maddow’s show last night with her grilling Biden’s chief economist Jared Bernstein and adding background info on both. Resisting the urge to get snarky about whether it’s just an argument between two idiots, let’s take them both at face value and see what we learn.

Maddow is upset with the idea of a spending freeze because she says it’s the Herbert Hoover approach and a resurrection of the McCain campaign pledge for across the board cuts. Bernstein tells her not to worry because it’s an “aggregate” freeze and not an across the board freeze, and then proceeds to give all sorts of examples of spending investment INcreases without ever naming a single program that will see a DEcrease.

It even goes so far as her saying that “experts” say we need a second stimulus and this precludes that, but Bernstein disagrees … not with the first part of her premise but with the second.

So the bottom line of this “spending freeze” appears to be that it consists of a “second stimulus” for all of Obama’s pet projects and some offsetting cuts to unnamed programs that will be worked out later.

The GOP should be all over this with middle America in the SOTU response and afterward. It’s like a family deciding they will freeze spending by eating out more often and going on more vacations while reducing spending on … on … well on something that they’ll figure out later.