Cleveland Plain Dealer busts fake pro-Obama letter-writing campaign

Drudge posted a link to this story. The gall – and stupidity – of the Obamabots can never be underestimated.

Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named ‘Ellie Light’
By Sabrina Eaton, The Plain Dealer
January 22, 2010, 5:35AM

Ellie Light sure gets around.

In recent weeks, Light has published virtually identical “Letters to the Editor” in support of President Barack Obama in more than a dozen newspapers.Every letter claimed a different residence for Light that happened to be in the newspaper’s circulation area.

While no one with more than three brain cells should be too surprised by this news, there was a reaction that is kind of like how any bad economic news was “unexpected”.

University of Missouri journalism professor Tom Rosenstiel, co-author of a textbook on journalistic values titled “The Elements of Journalism,” reacted with surprise and wonderment upon learning of Light’s widespread publication under multiple addresses.

Maybe ACORN is taking the people who can’t go cast votes for others or man phone banks doing false “surveys” and having them email form letters to newspapers.