Liberal groups spending millions of dollars for Landrieu already?

Maybe Vladimir can provide better insight, but I just returned from a few days in New Orleans. I noticed that you couldn’t watch 10 minutes of local TV without seeing a pro-HCR ad or two. One was from AARP. Most were from liberal front groups with great-sounding names like “Americans for Stable Quality Care” or “People who want Republicans to stop killing us” (okay I made that one up). One of them was an ad urging people to thank Mary Landrieu for her courageous vote for HCR. My favorite was the “What if real people debated health care?” one that featured actors pretending they were real people.

I don’t know if it’s the same in other major red/purple states with Dem Senators or not, but given that Landrieu was already bought off, there would be no reason to be pouring a stream of cash into local TV ads unless it was related to the 2010 elections.

I can’t recall seeing any ads like this in Texas, or at least few enough of them that they did not register.

I’ve found older ads by some of these groups, but not the ones I saw in the past week. If having this diary with no links is a no-no, feel free to kill it. But it would be interesting to know what people in other major cities in states with at least one Dem Senators have been seeing.