Hillary promises extra TRILLION DOLLARS/decade to "developing" nations

The Chaotic Copenhagen Climate Conference is close to concluding with consensus crumbling. It’s gotten so bad there are rumors that Obama might skip out.

The main goal apparently has come down to China refusing to do anything, and all the “developing” countries demanding that we “developed” demanding huge ransoms and global tax structures to insure permanent “help”.

In comes Hillary to the rescue, giving in to the ransom demands of $100,000,000,000 per year transferred from us to them. Maybe $100B a year seems like pocket change to a couple who can each write a book and take home a combined $20M, but us little folks are kinda sorta getting tapped out.

The US moved to assert its leadership and save the UN climate talks in Copenhagen from collapse today, saying it was ready to support a $100bn (£62bn) fund to shield poor countries from the ravages of climate change.

But speaking at the conference, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, warned developing countries that the finances would only flow if their leaders signed up to a strong global warming deal at the summit.

“The US is prepared to work with other countries to jointly mobilise $100bn a year by 2020,” Clinton told a press conference on a day that began with reports that the summit’s Danish hosts had given up hope of reaching a deal.

However, she warned: “In the absence of an operational agreement that meets the requirement that I outlined there will not be the final commitment that I outlined – at least from the United States.”

The $100bn figure was formally put on the table at the conference last night by the Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi, who is head of the African group of nations. It is much lower than many developing nations say is necessary to help them adapt to climate change and develop green technologies.

Zenawi acknowledged that his proposal would disappoint some in Africa. But he said: “My proposal dramatically scales back our expectation of the level of funding in return for more reliable funding and a seat at the table in the management of such fund.”

So these robbers are saying that the $100B/yr is just the wildly inadequate starting point. (Sounds like Dean and Markos talking about HCR.) Hillary is a complete idiot if she thinks her comments about conditions is heard as anything other than “We commit to $100B yada yada yada.”

Clinton also made it clear that America would not budge on its demand for greater accountability from rapidly emerging economies like China and Brazil that they are living up to whatever pledges they make to cut emissions.

Without such transparency, she said, there would be no deal. And without a deal, there would be no money for African and low-lying countries that have the most to lose from rising sea-levels brought by climate change.

China and Brazil are telling us to go pound sand – they say they count as poor countries who need to get part of the loot. If Hillary thinks Obama is going to let “US reneges on commitment to help poor countries” headlines get blared around the world, she’s a moron.