South American socialists get what they asked for - and then whine about it

Brazil elected President Evo Morales 3 years ago. He’s got a great resume. He is head of the Socialist Movement party, and is, at least on paper, head of the coca growers fighting US anti-cocaine efforts. Month before last the UN General Assembly cited him as “World Hero of Mother Earth”. (You can’t make this kind of stuff up.)

Well no good socialist South American leader could go without cozying up to Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, right? Mahmoud was kind enough to pony up the dough to build a new city hospital in a suburb of La Paz. Well now the Bolivian people have learned that there are some slight strings attached.

El Alto hijabs

Yes that’s right – Iran demanded that the female nurses wear hijabs as part of their uniform and Evo complied. Some women in Bolivia are upset. Perfect.