Code Pink reviews Obama's Afghan strategy du jour

They don't seem too pleased.
They sent out an email blast trying to push the image above. Excerpt:

There are news reports that on Decembers [sic] 1st, Obama will be at West Point to announce that he is sending tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan, this despite our rallies, vigils, petitions, phone calls and e-mails saying NO to MORE WAR. We can’t let generals and war profiteers be the only ones who have the President’s ear.

Obama needs to hear our voices loud and clear. Now is the time to take to the streets, the airwaves, and the opinion pages to say NO to escalation, NO to massive corruption and war profiteering, NO to bombs dropped on Afghan wedding parties, and no to money squandered on war and occupation while the needs of people in this country go unmet.

That damn Obama. He seems to be no different than that evil warmonger George Bush.

They held a rally yesterday in Killeen, home of Fort Hood. I can only imagine how popular they are there. (* rolls eyes *)

They’ll be protesting tonight before and after Obama’s speech. I’m sure we’ll see extensive network coverage. (* rolls eyes again *)