"Let me give a shoutout before I talk about the shootout"

No doubt people recall how the press was all over President Bush when the Secret Service kept him in that classroom on 9/11 and questioned his every move after that. “Why was he hiding?”

Yesterday Obama waited hours before mentioning Fort Hood, and then it was using seemingly prepared remarks. But more bizarre is that he gave this rambling discourse before that. He had obviously prepared remarks for the closing of an Indian-related conference, and that included a “shout out” to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow for being a “Medal of Honor winner”. As I heard someone point out on Bill Bennett’s show this morning, people are not Medal of Honor “winners” but rather Medal of Honor “recipients”, and that in any case Dr. Joe Medicine Crow was neither – he was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal. Could Obama be any more dismissive toward people in uniform?

Will we see any reactions like this among the major players in the MSM? I doubt it.