Yet another insult to McChrystal and our troops from Obama?

I haven’t come across anyone making this connection yet, though surely I’m not the first. (Yeah I know – don’t call you ‘Shirley’.) The President obviously spent many many hours campaigning for Corzine and others. Not just his time on the ground there, but travel time, discussions from the White House and with his staff about it, etc.

Then yesterday Robert Gibbs, while trying to downplay what looked like it would be bad news for the Democrats, said that Obama was “not watching returns”.

Ignoring the massive amount of time spent shooting hoops or engaging in other time-wasting activities while he’s too busy to develop his Afghanistan strategy of the week, we now learn that President also spent all this time and effort campaigning instead of spending it working on his latest and greatest Afghan strategy – but that he didn’t feel it important enough to follow.

Just how far down are our troops on his “I’m not interested” list?