Dingell amendment to Pelosicare - is this the final carrot to the moderates?

This thing is 42 pages long. Some of it is fixing typos. Here are a few pieces that may be key in terms of trying to snag a few moderate votes. There was nothing related to abortion that I could find. Note: Any typos below are due to how Acrobat picked up the text.

This part on pp 4-5 relates to illegal aliens. There’s also a (j) added that is unrelated.

Page 26, after line 21, insert the following new subsections:


(1) REQUIREMENT.-No individual shall be an eligible individual under this section unless the individual is a citizen or national of the United States or is lawfully present in a State in the United States (other than as a nonimmigrant described in a sub-paragraph (excluding subparagraphs (K), (T), (U), and (V)) of section 101(a)(15) of the Immigration and Nationality Act).

(2) APPLICATION OF VERIFICATION PROCESS FOR AFFORDABILITY CREDITS.-The provisions of paragraphs (4) (other than subparagraphs (F) and (II)(i)) and (5)(A) of section 341(b), and of sub-
16 sections (v) (other than paragTaph (3)) and (x) of section 205 of the Social Security Act, shall apply to the verification of eligibility of an eligible individual by the Secretary (or by a State agency approved by the Secretary) for benefits under this section in the same manner as such provisions apply to the verification of eligibility of an affordable credit eligible individual for affordability credits by the Commissioner under section 341(b). The agreement referred to in section 205(v)(2)(A) of the Social Security Act (as applied under this paragraph) shall also provide for funding, to be payable from the amount made available under subsection (h)(l), to the Commissioner of Social Security in such amount as is agreed to by such Commissioner and the Secretary.

This one on pp 8-9 is under SEC. 261. CONSTRUCTION REGARDING STANDARD OF CARE.

Page 150, after line 17, insert the following:

(c) SAVINGS CLAUSE FOR STATE MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAWS.-Nothing in this Act or the amendments made by this Act shall be construed to modify or impair State law governing legal standards or procedures used in medical malpractice cases, including the authority of a State to make or implement such law.

This part relates to the “Pelosicare Gift to Malpractice Attorneys” section.

Page 1432, after line 15, insert the following:

(5) No LIMITATION ON OTHER STATE LAWS.- Nothing in this section shall be construed to-
(A) preempt or modify the application of any existing State law that limits attorneys’ fees or imposes caps on damages;
(B) impair the authority of a State to establish or implement a law limiting attorneys’ fees or imposing caps on damages; or
(C) restrict the eligibility of a State for an incentive payment under this section on the basis of a law described in subparagraph (A) or (B) so long as any such law is not established or implemented as part of the law described in paragraph (4), as determined by the Secretary.

There are several pages of stuff about biofuels and feedstocks and whatever that obviously have nothing at all to do with healthcare. Here’s one small example of how unreadable all this stuff is, but it must translate into $$$$$ for someone in some key districts.

(F) QUALIFIED FEEDSTOCK.-For purposes of this paragraph, the term ‘qualified feedstock’ means–
(i) any lignocellulosic or hemicellulosic matter that is available on a renewable or recurring basis, and
(ii) any cultivated algae, cyanobacteria, or lemna.