Pelosicare - How to turn a $1.3T plan into a claim of $104B in deficit reduction

Here is the breakdown. My apologies in advance – I’m a math nerd at heart.

Total cost of this bill: $1.055 trillion
But hold on a sec you say – Pelosi says cost is $894 billion. Well you see, penalties on individuals and companies are expected to be $161 billion. Let’s just not count that as part of the cost.
“Net” cost: $894 billion
Of yeah, and don’t count the $245 billion increase to Medicare that needs to pass separately.

How to “pay” for it?
Tax increases: $572 billion
Cuts to Medicare Advantage etc.: $426 billion

So here’s how Pelosi math works when you add everything up:
$1.3 trillion grand total health care plans
– $245 billion that doesn’t count
= $1.055 trillion AHCAA cost
– $161 billion in penalties that doesn’t count
= $894 billion ‘net’ AHCAA cost
– $572 billion in tax increases
– $426 billion in program cuts
= ($104 billion) which we claim as deficit reduction

Isn’t that special?

Or to sum it up a different way:
$161B in penalties
+ $572B in tax increases
= $733B more collected from “us” in this bill

So looking at it that way, you get:
$1.3T total cost
– $733B from us suckers now
– $245B from us suckers later (add it to the deficit)
– $426B in cuts even though we know they won’t happen
= ($104B) in alleged deficit reduction


So when they add the $245B back into the deficit in the second bill, they’ll claim it’s really “only” adding $141B to the deficit because it’s offset by Pelosicare’s $104B in “savings”.