It sounds like "the fix" is under way in New Jersey

The Democrats seem to be laying the groundwork for stealing the election if it’s close. (H/T: the Corner)

The state received about 150,000 absentee ballot applications this year.

On about 2,300 of those applications so far, the signature on the request form did not match the signature on the voter’s registration forms with the state.

In a development that is depressingly predictable, the New Jersey Democratic Party is asking the state to provide provisional ballots for all these voters. Those ballots, could, presumably, be used to overcome any narrow lead by Republican Chris Christie over Democrat Jon Corzine on Election Day.

This is from the same party who wanted any military vote in Florida that had the slightest thing wrong tossed out in 2000.

Paul P. Josephson, a lawyer representing the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, wrote to Secretary of State Nina Mitchell Wells, asking her to “instruct County Clerks not to deny (vote by mail) applications on the basis of signature comparison alone.”

Suspicious minds see the letter as an attempt to create a pool of emergency votes to be used if Christie holds a small lead on Election Night. The Secretary of State has not yet responded to the Democrats’ request.

I guess the Dems in Jersey are getting the press releases ready about how the GOP is trying to disenfranchise voters and intimidate Democratic voters into sitting it out.