Final pre-vote speeches in Baucus committee are underway (UPDATE: Snowe is voting yes)

The Democrats are all whining about the insurance industry report in their pre-vote speeches.

Lincoln is trying to have it both ways of course – she’s voting for the Baucus Bill today but makes no promises about voting for the final bill as it ends up on the Senate floor. So whether you Arkansans are fer it or agin it, she shares your view and you should vote to re-elect her next year. (*bk rolls eyes*)

Have you noticed that the Democratic line has changed from needing to insure X million uninsured to saying that this bill insures 94% of people, which SOUNDS a lot better. Grassley is all over this, getting the CBO guy to admit that tens of millions are left uninsured and/or underinsured by this bill. I thought I heard him say 25M would be left uninsured, which is more than half of even the highest value of X that was ever bandied about – 47 or 48M. But perhaps I caught it wrong and he was talking about underinsured.

Hatch and Cornyn have focused on how CBO could do premium analysis – i.e. of this weekend’s health insurance industry report – if they were given time to do so. They are griping that CBO should be allowed to do that before the committee votes. Fat chance!

It was on C-SPAN for a while but it’s on C-SPAN 3 right now. We’ll see later today if Snowe has caved or not. I’ve got to run to a teleconference so I won’t get to hear what she has to say shortly.

UPDATE: See comment below re Snowe.