Make room for Greg Craig under the Obama bus

It’s his fault that Obama made up a date and stated it for all to hear. It doesn’t get more comical than this.

But sources familiar with the process believe Craig is being set-up as the fall guy and say the blame for missing the deadline extends well beyond him.

Gee, you think so?

Instead, it was a widespread breakdown on the political, legislative, policy and planning fronts that contributed to what is shaping up as one of Obama’s most high-profile setbacks, these people say.

So Obama didn’t do like he says is needed in Afghanistan – develop a strategy and then create plans to accomplish it. Pulling a date out of thin air doesn’t qualify as a strategic plan.

The White House misread the congressional mood – as it found out abruptly in May, when the Senate voted 90-6 against funds for closing the base after Republicans stoked fears about bringing prisoners to the U.S. The House also went on record last week opposing bringing Gitmo detainees here.

So it was the Senate Republicans who scared the mighty Senate and House Democrats into cowering in the corner? Gee, I didn’t realize the GOP Senators had such power!

The White House misread the public mood – as roughly half of Americans surveyed say they disagree with Obama’s approach. A strong element of NIMBY-ism permeates those results, as Americans say they don’t want the prisoners in their backyards.

IOW eventually the White House learned that “the public” included people outside of Code Pink, MoveOn, ACORN, and all of Obama’s closest friends.